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Kings Gameday: 2015 Year in Review

Looking back at the year for the Pacific Division

Dustin Brown being blown away by the genius he has just met
Dustin Brown being blown away by the genius he has just met
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

2015 has been quite wild ride for all of us here at BoC. Stace left, Cory was born, Jer's giant baby destroyed half the neighborhood, and Rudy Kelly is still dead. But 2015 has also been pretty crazy for the hockey teams in our favorite division. Here's the official Pacific Division year in review as chosen by the elite hockey writers presented by Arby's! We have the meats! for 2015:

Los Angeles Kings

High: The Kings were able to completely shake free of Mike Richards just because they felt like it. No one could stop Dean Lombardi. Until they did, and his contract is on the books until 2034.

Low: At the trade deadline the Kings acquired Andrej Sekera for a decent prospect and a first round pick. Sekera got hurt and left for Edmonton in the offseason after the Kings missed the playoffs. Whoops.

San Jose Sharks

High: The Sharks avoided a total postseason meltdown and proved having no captain was the perfect way to have team accountability.

Low: The Sharks didn't actually make the playoffs at all for like the first time since 2003, and lost their heart and soul of the team with John Scott. They also are the only California team to never win an outdoor game. That is probably the worst of it all. Oh, and Raffi Torres.

Anaheim Ducks

High: While the rest of the California teams floundered at the end of the year and missed the playoffs, the Ducks took the Blackhawks the distance in a conference finals series.

Low: Yeah, they sorta blew it comically then too. They haven't really recovered yet, and Bruce Boudreau is about to get slaughtered like a pink puffy pig that he is.

Arizona Coyotes

High: They have the leading vote getter in the NHL All-Star game with Captain John Scott

Low: Are they going to be playing in Seattle? Las Vegas? Quebec? Hamilton? New Mexico? Mexico? The moon? All of these options are still currently better than Glendale.

Calgary Flames

High: They made the playoffs with a roster of kids, AHLers, and a weird troll doll named Jiri Hudler. They were a plucky "never say die" team that were a lot of fun to watch and were an inspiration for shitty teams everywhere.

Low: Management put their faith in the kids and AHLers and, well, it hasn't been great so far. Also Dougie Hamilton was finally outed as being total dog shit that the eastern conference tried to convince us was good. To be fair, the Flames haven't played the Kings yet this season, so they haven't stolen a bunch of points from them yet.

Edmonton Oilers


Low: Bad clavicles. There's always Austin Matthews though.

Vancouver Canucks

High: They got rid of Kevin Bieksa. The overtime loser point also still exists.

Low: The Canucks are 14-24. Their defense is terrible. Their goaltending is inconsistent. Their offense is shallower than the puddle of piss I am currently standing in at this Arby's! We have the meats! bathroom. Luca Sbisa hasn't gotten hit by a bus yet. Derek Dorsett continues to breathe. I mean, just holy shit this team is terrible. They'll likely be the three seed in the division.

flames preview

The Kings play Calgary for the first time this season, while the east coast gets drunk and celebrates a New Year. What a bunch of idiots. This is far more important.

Prediction: Kings lose 4-1. Jordan Weal slowly drops down the depth chart like the New Year's countdown ball thing.