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Sharks Gameday: John Scott should go to the All Star Game

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Please vote for John Scott for the All Star Game

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Do you hear them? The Hot Takes beaming out into the universe for future civilizations millions of years in the future to ponder? They've begun already. Now, imagine if John Scott is *actually voted to start* the NHL All Star Game?

God, the Twitters. The Facebook comments. The between period analysis. The Hot Stoves.

There would be no measured response. Nobody would just look at it as a weird little bloop and move on with their lives. It would MEAN something. Maybe about society. Maybe about internet users. Maybe about the incompetence of various people involved. At the very least, it would mean a change in how votes are tallied.

There is a small hope in all of this that voting John Scott into the All Star Game as a starter might actually kill the All Star Game. That is enough for me, but really, I want this to be as absurd as possible.

I want there to be more outrage about the starter the fans voted on in an All Star Game than that the NHLs leading scorer is probably a rapist but was treated like a guy who was talked into buying a set of speakers from somebody in a van in a CVS parking lot. We, the fans of this league, deserve it.

Vote John Scott.

Sharks vs. Ducks
7:00 PM Pacific

Prediction: Chaos reigns.