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Sharks Gameday: Bolt Upright

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The Tampa Bay Stamkoses come to town to show the Sharks what the future looks like.

When Patrick Marleau is laughing about how you're dressed, you've got issues.
When Patrick Marleau is laughing about how you're dressed, you've got issues.
Mike Carlson/Getty Images

I don't really follow the NBA or the Warriors, but they are obliterating the league this year after basically doing the same thing last year on their way to their first title in decades. They're doing it by doing all the wrong things. They play small and fast and skilled. Their defense isn't physical, it's just fast, taking away room and time. When they play against the tough, physical teams, they still win. It's pretty easy when you have the best player in the league just entering his prime years and discovering that, oh look at that, I'm good enough to make circus shots from anywhere past half-court.

The Warriors success is changing how NBA teams are going to be constructed. Which teams are going to adapt, and which ones are going to get left behind? I have no idea, but it's going to happen.

There's something of a similar sea-change going on in the NHL. It's not as dramatic, but it's happening. If the Kings are a low-event, high possession team the next iteration of that is going to be high-event, high possession teams. The Lightning, the Islanders, and especially the Stars appear to be built with this in mind. Tampa made it to the Cup Finals last year, while the Isles lost in the first round sort of badly, and the Stars missed the playoffs due to shitty goaltending.

I can tell you one team that isn't going to be on the leading edge of this change: the San Jose Fucking Sharks, who continue to regularly play Mike Brown and insert Michael Haley into the lineup to add toughness in 4 minutes of ice time. Jesus christ.

Piss this guy off, vote John Scott

A loyal reader named jocarm commented in yesterday's post:


John Scott is a talentless toolbox who will embarrass himself to no end at the all star game. I can’t wait to see this classless cement head become the laughing stock of the NHL in a 3 on 3 with the greatest hockey talents on earth. John Scott: you suck – and kharma is going to eat you alive.

And to the author: go move to Tajikistan if you don’t like the fact that our laws have a little thing called innocent until proven guilty. Good riddance. Love live the Kane.

No further questions, your Honor!

What do you do with a guy who somehow thinks the fans voting John Scott as an All Star Game starer will begin some process of Karmic revenge against Scott? And if jocarm believes in Karma so much, why does he a) wish ill on Scott to begin with and b) go on to defend a probable rapist? The mind reels. But there is one thing you CAN do. Piss off jocarm. Vote John Scott.

Lightning vs. Sharks
7:30 PM Pacific

Prediction: jocarm has a weird dick.