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Kings Gameday: Sunday Night Plight

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Tonight's game is the worst ever

Good times
Good times
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I have simple tastes. Just that I have a lot of money, zero responsibilities, my favorite teams win, and Krysten Ritter. I don't ask for much. Except the NHL schedule is pissing me off to no end. Only total monsters would schedule a back-to-back on the weekend multiple times. Plus they include members of the former Southeast Division! I can't believe they would do this to me.

Everyone knows Sunday night games are wrong and evil. We've had a long day of praying and, subsequently, drinking and now is not the time for hockey any longer. Here's the best order of game days and times:

1. Tuesday night

Good way to start off a week.

2. Thursday night

Good way to close out a week.

3. Wednesday night

Doesn't have the perks of Tuesday or Thursday.

4. Sunday morning/noon (after New Year's)

These games are fun because you wake up semi hungover and it's the only thing on. Nationally televised games at this time feel proper. Like snug underwear. Well, underwear that yells too much and knows where some fourth liner played junior hockey at.

5. Saturday night

I don't have to fight traffic to go to these games or worry about work the next day, but they tend to interfere with plans.

6. Saturday afternoon

Less interfering with plans, but afternoon games with hockey are just sorta wrong feeling unless they are nationally televised again.

7. Sunday morning/noon (before New Year's)

There's football on, stop.

8. Monday night

garfield monday

Oh that Garfield!

9. Friday night

I have other things to do. Shut up, hockey.

10. Lockout season

At least I don't have to write gameday posts.

11. Sunday night

Sunday evenings are depressing as hell. You have work/school the next morning and your time on your weekend is dying from typhoid fever. Something about hockey late on a Sunday night just doesn't feel right also, and I'd much rather be watching Homeland or whatever is on HBO. A regular season game isn't important enough to warrant this time slot.

And wouldn't you know it, the Kings playing in Anaheim every time this season happens to be on a Sunday night. They also play on Sunday night again up in San Jose. Way to go you sick twisted fucks.

lightning preview

Kings won yesterday during an unfortunate day game on a Saturday. Now I have to pretend I care about the Lightning tonight. Ugh.


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