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Ducks Gameday: My Son, the Panthers Fan

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I lost another bet, but at least this tine I didn't have to dip. Ducks @ Panthers.

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I have a close friend, who happens to be Canadian. He grew up in Florida, so he's had a rough life. He latched on to the local hockey scene and is an ardent Panthers fan (sidenote: he's also a Leafs fan, so he's never been happy).

When the Ducks played the Panthers back in November, my buddy and I made a friendly wager -- If Anaheim won, he would send over a Ducks shirt for my 1 year old son. If Florida won, I would buy my son a Panthers shirt, and publicly shame him here on Battle of California.

The results weren't pretty...

So today I'm paying off on that bet, and here's my son, sporting a new Panthers "jersey," paying tribute to the Rat Trick.

He's setup for a future full of disapointment if he continues on this path...

Jonas is wearing his new Ducks jersey from Santa and his knit hat from grandma & papa to the game tonight.

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Much better!

Ducks Gameday

Ducks (34 - 19) @ Panthers (23 - 27)

Tuesday, Feb 10, 2015, 4:30 PM PST

BB&T Center


Ducks finally start winning again. Goals from Ryan Getzlaf, Kyle Palmieri, Cam Fowler and Scottie Upshall. Ducks win 3-1.