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Sharks Gameday: Toodle-ooooooooooooo

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Let's talk about what matters here

Oh, hello
Oh, hello
Up roxx

I am currently under the influence of several alcohol beverages (I feel great, thank you for asking) so I would like you to answer and discuss three different questions:

1) Is a hot dog a sandwich?

2) Is GIF pronounced with a hard J?

3) Is it sauce or gravy?

I understand that some people would expect hard hitting journalism because that is what we are known for at Battle of California, but seriously though, if you don't expect a post like this every once in a while, are you new here? I also realize that it is a Tuesday, but when you're an adult, you can do whatever you want. It's pretty great. My parents rarely ground me anymore. It's so cool.

The Sharks are playing the Nashville Predators tonight, which is something that I dread because they are so uninteresting and I fucking hate country music. I love Marc-Edouard Vlasic and I'm super happy that he's back. Scratching Mirco Mueller over Scott Hannan was a huge mistake last game. This might be the booze talking, but I can see Todd McLellan getting canned by the end of the month. You can discuss that as well, but only if you answer my previous three questions. If you discuss Todd McLellan getting fired without discussing the other three questions, I will ban you from Battle of California.

I realize that Battle of California is the root of all evil and that Mirtle is the prince of darkness, and this is 100% true. #BattleOfCaliforniaDid911


San Jose Sharks @ Nashville Predators

5:00 pm PST

Honky Tonka Truck Center



Sharks win 5-2. Brent Burns hat trick, Tommy Wingels, Andrew Desjardins.

Setting the Tone:

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Tweet of the Day:

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Awful Hockey Tattoo of the Day: