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Kings Gameday: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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The Kings play the OttaWHO CARES?! ANDREJ SEKERA!

Head west, young man
Head west, young man
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Here is a recap of the Kings this week:

  • Win game
  • Sign Jordan Nolan
  • Wear gold jerseys
  • Win game
  • Sign Kyle Clifford
  • Trade for Andrej Sekera

Andrej Sekera has good numbers. And while he is not going to be in the Drew Doughty echelon of defensemen, he is a very nice asset to have. He has the ability to play on either side, is a strong skater, isn't a defensive liability, and drives play. The Kings gave up a first round pick and Roland McKeown, who sounds ridiculous though was a pretty solid prospect. That's the calm and non-exciting approach. Taking this another way

The Kings picked up the best defenseman that was known to be available at the trade deadline. Sekera is a damn good defensemen, who has been stuck playing on shitty teams, and now has a real chance to shine. Brayden McNabb can be called upon when needed (like right now because Alec Martinez is still hurt), Matt Greene no longer has to play second pairing minutes, and Jamie McBain is a nice backup option instead of everyday defensemen. If the Kings re-sign Sekera they got Sekera, Doughty, Martinez, Jake Muzzin, McNabb, Greene, and Derek Forbort or Colin Miller waiting. The Kings defense is incredibly deep, even with injuries and certain defensemen (likely) being pieces of shit.

So the Kings gave up another first round pick and a prospect? Big deal. Their draft pick is protected so if they fuck up and miss the playoffs this season they keep it, and otherwise it's a rather late pick. McKeown is a guy named Roland which is all you really need to know about him. Get outta here non-frat-boy-name-having jerk.

As for the Clifford and Nolan extensions...meh.

Nolan's deal is small and inconsequential in the larger picture as he could easily get dealt if a prospect steals his job for a cheaper price. He's a proven asset of the 13th forward variety, and, well, the Kings are going to be paying someone close to the same for the same job if Nolan wasn't there. May as well go with what you know. Clifford's is a little larger of a financial burden, but he could also fetch a lot more via trade if he is deemed replaceable also.

Downside this week so far: Mike Richards is still on the books,

preview ottawa

Prediction: Kings enter with much fanfare with Sekera and proceed to lose 2-0.