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Kings Gameday: Apathy

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Or whatever, man

Jeff Carter choosing an odd place to take a nap
Jeff Carter choosing an odd place to take a nap
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

preview 11/18

The Kings are playing bad hockey. Actually, wait. No they aren't. They are barely playing hockey at all. It's kind of weird to see, and yet they are playing pretty much exactly how I feel when watching them this season. The Kings fall behind and I shrug. I won't change the channel, but I don't expect a miraculous comeback or really for the Kings to maybe start giving a shit. I know I certainly don't.*

*As is evident with my "effort" this year for "covering" them

The Kings are currently in twelfth place. That' does one put this? Oh yeah, "not good". They are pretty close to the same team from 2012, and REALLY close to the team they had last season, but for whatever reason the Kings are skating around with the attitude of a high school student who just got asked what they want to do with their life by their parents. It's really not too hard to see why. The team has pulled off history a couple of times now. Making the regular season seem as difficult as possible only to make the playoffs seem the easiest for a team ever, and then a few seasons later making the playoffs as agonizing as they possibly could. Which resulted in what could be the franchise's greatest storyline ever.

How do you get up for a game against the Carolina Hurricanes in November when you still are relishing three different game seven wins on the road? I sure can't. It's not an excuse. Maybe it is. I don't really care. If the Kings miss the playoffs I can likely make a trip down to South America (cartel recruitment), and if they do make it, hey, maybe I start caring again. Maybe they will. I don't know.

It seems like a massive case of not caring that the team caught. Like instead of Kool-Aid that kills you, it's a Kool-Aid that makes you just rather hang out, drink beers, and watch repeat episodes of The Venture Brothers. Someone should check and see if the Kings are doing that between periods actually. Perhaps it is the dreaded "Cup hangover". I can speak from experience, having a hangover, recovering moderately, and then going out drinking even more later that night has usually resulted in some rotten mornings. I guess it's pretty nice to give the rest of the league a chance to win too. The Kings should be up for the Lady Byng for their sportsmanlike behavior. I mean, to not care about anything because you won too much is rather cool. On the downside, it's turned me into one of these guys, like a Nirvana state of being an arrogant dick.


Prediction: Weez beeleez en nutheen