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Ducks Gameday: When A Salad Isn't A Salad

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The Predators come to town, and we talk salad.

Steven Depolo via Wiki Commons

I got drunk last night and tried to get out of doing this post, but failed...

Then Stace gave this idea:

Then Stace, Andrew BerkshireFloob, and I all discussed this question in depth. While we have differing opinions on if things like potato or pasta salad are good, we all basically agree that they're not salad...

So this is where we stand. What say you, BoC readers? I know Nashville fans have probably never even seen a salad, much less have an opinion on them other than "ew, gross," stated as they butter up some lard to fry, but maybe the rest of you might have some things to say...


Predators @ Ducks

Sunday, Mar 15, 2015, 5:00 PM PDT

Honda Center


You wouldn't have noticed.