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Sharks Gameday: An Introduction to #FancyShats Part Deux

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The series of #FancyShats continues to make a splash

Patty you're the Marleau for me
Patty you're the Marleau for me
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

As you may recall last time, I'm sick and tired of not being hired by a NHL team so I decided to invent #FancyShats. Last time focused on the team as a whole using the HPM (Hot Poop Map). This time we will be focusing more on how the individual effects the team.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are a complex group to understand and follow. Once upon a time, the Leafs were attempting to make the playoffs until the organization made two really huge mistakes--letting go of Randy Carlyle and trading David Clarkson. If the Maple Leafs ever wanted a shot at making the playoffs again, they would have given the whole Carlyle/Clarkson, or I guess Clarklyle, Era at least 7 or 8 more years, and they could have made the playoffs, maybe.

This is where #FancyShats come into play. In the newest series, we will be using PSB graphs to observe the before and after of the movement of players and coaches. There wasn't any #FancyShats previously that featured involvement with the coach, so I'm really excited to be able to add this in as well. To clarify, there is two PSB graphs for each player or coach, called the BM (before movement) and AF (after flush).

BM Clarkson

Oh poo. As you can see, before the move, the Toronto Maple Leafs were bad.

Oh shit, after the move, the Toronto Maple Leafs are still bad.  Now lets observe life with and without Randy Carlyle!

BM Carlyle

Crap, that really stinks.

AF Carlyle

Well isn't this a stubborn little dingleberry of a team.

In the short history of #FancyShats, we have never noticed such a small-to-nonexistent change occur between the BM and the AF. Considering the Leafs typically defy all statistics out there, I guess it all makes sense.


San Jose Sharks @ Toronto Maple Leafs

4:30pm PST

Mirtle Coliseum



Toronto is tanking so the Sharks will win and instill false hope in their delusional fans.

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