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Sharks Gameday: Watchable?

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Stace is still away doing girl wedding stuff and Jer practically begged me to do today's gameday post. In tribute to the writers of the silver age of BoC, in today's post I will shamelessly recycle a cartoon a la Sleek, discuss totally unrelated pop culture like Meg, and, in keeping with the tradition of the late RudyKelly, I will not be funny.

The sight-lines were terrible
The sight-lines were terrible

Let's face it: the Sharks have not been a fun team to watch this season.  The best thing that can be said about this season is that it's washed the bad taste of last year's playoff exit from our mouths with fresh, new, bad tastes.  A disappointing off-season led to a frustrating regular season, now facing a crushing end outside the playoffs but still in poor draft position.  The thing is, this team is still good enough to win some games down the stretch, and it's almost a shame that they will.  It hurts to watch at this point.

Maybe I'm just pampered as a Sharks fan.  The last ten years have all brought at least mediocre success.  It's really quite remarkable that they've managed to remain so watchable for such a long period.  It brings to mind a recent discussion I had, a discussion which is way more interesting than the Sharks right now:

Is Tom Cruise the most watchable actor in film?  I think he may be.  He's a weirdo, for sure, but how many films of his have you had to walk out on?  Not so many, I'll reckon.  In the last six months or so I finally got around to watching Vanilla Sky, Eyes Wide Shut, and Edge of Tomorrow.  They weren't movies I went out of my way to see (the last I saw on an airplane) and they are all very different from one another and yet every one held my attention.  I don't think there's another actor who can be trusted to produce such watchable output over such a long career.

Does anyone else even hold a candle?  Harrison Ford is disqualified for The Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls alone, and I can't bring myself to try newer Bill Murray mope-fests like Broken Flowers.  Tom Hanks may be a contender.  Leonardo DiCaprio?  I don't know.  If you can suggest another contender, I'm all ears.  I've been looking for other things to watch, recently.

I'm going to Disneyland!

My stylus is broken, so you get a recycled toon.  Eat your heart out, Sleek!

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You said it, Buddy.

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Trade Deadline

This is your eleventeenth reminder that it is the trade deadline today so here are my thoughts about it:  When the best you can hope for is to dump terrible players for draft picks, who gives a shit?

Montreal Canadiens @ San Jose Sharks 7:00 PST


The Habs go to Disneyland.