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Ducks Gameday: Colorado Insensitvity

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A disgraceful moniker. Avalanchhe @ Ducks.

Chagai via Wiki Commons

The top three avalanches that we have on record over the past 100 years have a combined estimated death toll of 34,000 (and in 2015 alone, 310 people have died in avalanches).

Death toll Event Location Date
20,000 Huascarán avalanche Peru 1970
10,000 Tyrolean Alps avalanches Italy 1916
4,000 Huascarán avalanche Peru 1962

* * *

Death toll Event Location Date
310 2015 Afghanistan avalanches Afghanistan 2015

The people of Colorado, in an effort to mock and trivialize the deaths of avalanche victims past and future, decided to name their team after the deadly phenomenon. Despite repeated protests from the families of avalanche victims, the Colorado franchise refuses to change their name or even donate to Avalanche awareness and safety campaigns, probably.

The disgraceful Colorado Avalanche must be stopped.

Besides, the Colorado Rockies were better anyway, and no one ever died on or around the Rocky Mountains.


Avalanche (33 - 37) @ Ducks (45 - 27)

Friday, Mar 20, 2015, 7:00 PM PDT

Honda Center


The building falls in and kills Nathan MacKinnon.