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Sharks Gameday: Things Could Be Worse

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Things are grim for the San Jose Sharks, but hey, it's not all that bad

this is the best
this is the best
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The Sharks sit five points out of a playoff spot and things look grim for these mostly lovable boys in teal. Sure, they won the other day, and will probably win again today, but they're just going to make you sad, so here is your daily reminder to stop caring.

With all that being said, things could be so much worse for San Jose. They're only a couple offseason moves and a whole management/coaching staff firing away from being relevant again. That's child's play. The Montreal Canadiens on the other hand.. they are just screwed and we should feel bad for them.

Many of you may not know that there are hockey teams in Eastern Canada. One of those teams are the Montreal Canadiens, or the Habs. It is shortened to the Habs because Montreal fans have a Habit Of Being Upset, but it's all with reason.

This monster is the root of all of Montreal's problems the past few seasons. His name is Michel Therrien and he is the Habs' head coach. If Michel Therrien doesn't get fired by the end of the season, there's a chance that Montreal will not beat out the Ducks for the President's Trophy. They only hold the division lead by two points and it is obviously not sustainable due to Therrien's reign of terror.

Every game that the Habs win are basically by accident and every game that the Habs lose are due to this tyrant using his mind control powers to make Carey Price play like a human on occasion, or even, just maybe, have him take a rest for an evening.

For example, last season the Habs made it all the way to the 6th game of the Eastern Conference Final by riding the talent of the team as a whole. They were super close to making it to the Stanley Cup Final and did really well, but it was all smoke and mirrors, because they didn't play to their full potential because Therrien was there, marginalizing everyone.

I would hate for my team to make the Conference Finals again. I would hate for my team to almost win the President's Trophy again. I would hate for my team to win the division again. I would hate for my team to have a pretty good chance of winning the cup. Poor Montreal fans. I hope the front office gets to fire their coach one day. I'll be praying 4 u, habs.


San Jose Sharks @ Montreal Canadiens

4:00pm PST

Les Arbites Son La Pour Me Faire Arene

NHL Network (why?)


The Sharks win in order to continue their road to missing the playoffs via tiebreaker and Habs fans protest outside the Habs' front office with "Fire Therrien" signs

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