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Kings Gameday: The Recall Redemption

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World Tour: 2015. First stop, JERSEY

Mike Richards assuming the position to fuck all our hopes and dreams
Mike Richards assuming the position to fuck all our hopes and dreams
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Richards is officially back with the Kings. I think. I may be mistaken. Head injuries, ya know? Speaking of which, I still feel like shit, so I am going to keep this simple right now. Let's just have a quick run down.

1.   The Kings are outside of the playoffs right now.

2.   The Kings don't have too much time left to make the playoffs.

3.   The Kings aren't scoring too much lately.

4.   The Kings can't seem to hold a lead after scoring in the first. This is sort of funny because for so long this season the problem they kept having was giving up the first goal.

5.   Jonathan Quick is frustrated. I think. It's hard to tell with him since he is always seemingly trying to kill someone.

6.   Mike Richards is back!

7.   Is that a good thing?

8.   Uh...

9.   What were we talking about?

10. Oh yeah!

11. Mike Richards!

12. I guess he can play on the third line.

13. If Tanner Pearson ever comes back that could be a decent line with Richards and Justin Williams.

14. Dwight King needs to start crashing the net more.

15. Tyler Toffoli and Andy Andreoff apparently have switched bodies for the past few games.

16. The Kings won't make the playoffs because I am likely not going to Peru.

17. I can't count any higher than this.

Anywho, Mike Richards returns to Los Angeles from back east with expectations heavily weighing upon him at a critical juncture for the franchise. We should maybe try to remember that he wasn't very good earlier this season as to not get our hopes to elevated. My guess:





Any of those left wingers from the second line on could rotate around, so who knows what the hell Sutter does there.

<a class='sbn-auto-link' href=Devils preview" data-chorus-asset-id="2931710" />

I'm off to go ride on a stationary bike for a few hours and then sit in a dark, quiet room for a while.

Prediction: Kings probably lose? 3-1? Goal by Richards.