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Kings Gameday: Time wasting

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It's the last time the Kings play at Nassau. Who gives a shit

I'm just as surprised as you that this perfect of a picture existed for this post
I'm just as surprised as you that this perfect of a picture existed for this post
Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

The Kings continue their road trip through the New York region with a game against the Islanders. The Islanders are set to move to Brooklyn and room with the Nets. It's the last bunch of games for Nassau Coliseum. I could not care less about that place. The Islanders were a decent team there before I was born, and nothing remarkable has happened there since. Unless you count icing Rick DiPietro before he went extinct, and Alexei Yashin before he was exiled.

So instead I am working on a Rubik's Cube. I could sit around and try to think of a decent post, but let's be real. That takes work, I'm still concussed, and no one is reading this anyways. So about this Rubik's Cube: I got it when I was going to school in New York for a public relations class I took my junior year. I think I was supposed to be presenting how the Rubik's Cube had a second wave of interest (it was assigned, I didn't choose it. What do you think I am? Some sort of nerd?), even though they were never really that interesting at any point. I attempted to solve it in five minutes while my partner for our project talked. I failed miserably with the stupid toy, despite reading up on cheat sheets for a week and actually solving it a few times prior. I think we got a B. I blamed my partner for not being a strong enough orator and she never talked to me after that, thus proving my point. I also bought it at the local Walmart along with a 30 rack of beer. I got a lot of high fives waiting in the checkout line.

So, uh, hockey. Bear with me...Uhhhhhhh so the Kings' regular season has been a lot like a Rubik's Cube. As in it is uninteresting and pointless. And that they've wasted their entire time messing around half-assedly with it, and now that they are short on time for their class presentation and are no where near having it solved they are hurriedly trying to put it all together at the last minute to avoid looking like idiots in front of everyone. At least people know they should be able to solve everything and pull out a last second victory. But they've really screwed up. How the hell is this last side not completed? I have like 3 out of place tiles and everything's gone to shit. This is stupid. I never wanted to solve this dumb cube anyways, and I don't care if the Kings make the playoffs or not. I could have solved this thing if I wanted to and the Kings could have made the playoffs if they tried. We're just too cool to care. I'm gonna go back on Facebook and see if I can track down the Middle-Eastern pizza guy from New York.

preview 11/6

I'm going to have to change this preview up next season. Also, the logo made me for a split second think I had wrote "I Flanders", which sounds a lot more like a sci-fi movie where our obnoxiously programmed overly friendly robot neighbors take over the world.

Get Michael Bay on the line.

Prediction: I go back to trying to solve this god damn Rubik's Cube while I'm at work, get fired, watch the Kings lose 2-0, and still can't solve this donkey ass-bead of a puzzle.