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Ducks vs Gorton’s Fish Sticks: Answers Revealed

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What if there was no bullsh*t answer?

So hey I guess that players only meeting sorta worked, we didn't get smoked. We won that tight checking type of game. We have 2 games in a row to fuck it up and go back to our ways, but we can be hopeful.

I always liked the islanders. They reminded me of my steelers winning all those championships near each other., and of course the fishermen uni's who could forget.

Well let's hope we keep it going..I like Sekac on the top line. Over and out.


Oh wait I was suppose to reveal some shit right?


I liked the movie XXX?

I don't think that was it? Murica

oh yea need to reveal the answers from yesterday. (go here: if u haven't read the original article or u will be confused as shit)

Well as you could imagine I don't play by the rules and I deceived you a little bit. I was involved in all 3. Let's go one by one shall we?

Story one.

"Thumbs up":

My buddy Dunn (not his real name I figured i would pick a name not to confuse people around here) is "Thumbs up". Why the fuck would you even think to use your thumb? WHY? I heard the term sit on my thumb and rotate. I don't think this was what was intended. The only question I need to ask him and never thought to ask before. Dunn did you give her 2 thumbs up? I will ask and tell you his answer whenever I get it. I was in fact in the room and saw his white was it white.

Story two.

"The Great Parker":

Everyone seemed to think this was me. You really think I am a shitty driver? I have only gotten like 5 tix and only crashed once but I was really drunk so that is a good excuse. I would never crash sober like Dunn. Yes it was Dunn again I bullshited you there were two Dunn stories. Man I get to tease Dunn all the time. This is only 2 of the vast dumb shit he has done. Book smarts does not equal all other smarts apparently. He does have a great house though and has money.

Story three.

"The Swap":

Now when I was younger I had a freaky girl. Needless to say I ended up in a room with another couple (didn't this already happen?) This did happen and I was there...but I lied about how it played out. The burley man won the day. I had whiskey d&*k and well it turned out bad. I swear it was the only time...swear.

Anyways thanks for playing. Moral of the story hermaphrodite's are more susceptible to whiskey D*&k. Luckily this is Saturday so no one reads this shit.

Go Ducks!