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Kings: It's meaningless

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Chicago needs Los Angeles in the playoffs

Later bros
Later bros
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The Kings have fallen back to ninth or however the standings work where they are now on the outside of the playoff picture yet again. This is bad news for the Chicago Blackhawks. Since they've won a few Cups, like the Kings have, just winning the Cup isn't enough anymore. The Kings proved that last summer. "Oh hey we could cruise through the playoffs like in 2012. Nah, that's no fun. We already did that. Let's make things interesting."

And that they did. Spotting the Sharks a 3-0 series lead. Letting the Ducks win at all. Waiting until overtime to beat the Rangers close to every game (way to fuck up game three, guys). The Kings needed a new rush, and Chicago was part of that for them in 2014. The Kings got to be part of Chicago's fun in 2013, too. These teams need each other. Where's the fun in beating up teams from Canada? Or St. Louis? Chicago and Los Angeles have to be dead sick of the Blues at this point.

Sure, the Predators and Islanders are the flashy new contenders, but it's not the same. Chicago will be sitting around in the first round in a match up with St. Louis again begging to be eliminated in four games since Los Angeles isn't around to provide them with a real series.

"Wah wah wah someone new needs to be in conference finals I believe in socialism and hate America and Jesus"

Well too bad. The Blackhawks need the Kings around to actually feel like they earned something. They got nothing to play for without the Kings in the fold. Win another Cup? Why bother? They didn't have to go through the Kings, so victory is meaningless. C'mon. Do you really want to see Winnipeg or Calgary in the western conference finals? No one wants that. It's a victory for racism with them since they ran Jarome Iginla and Evander Kane out of Canada. It's a shame the Kings will probably get eliminated from playoff contention by the Oilers or something stupid like that. Sorry, Chicago. No Kompon Klassic this year.

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Chicago should really let the Kings win so that they actually have an opponent to look forward to playing against in the playoffs.

Prediction: Chicago doesn't get the memo, and the Kings lose 4-2. Goals by Carter and Muzzin.