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The Anaheim Ducks are the only California team headed to the playoffs this season.

With the Kings eliminated from contention last night, and the Sharks never actually having a chance this season to begin with, the Anaheim Ducks are the lone California representatives to the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Welcome, former Kings bandwagoners....

The last time that Anaheim was the only California team in the playoffs was 2002-03 season, when the then Mighty Ducks beat the Red Wings, Stars, and Wild to claim the Western Conference Championship and Campbell Bowl (and then go on to a heartbreaking game 7 loss against the Devils in the Stanley Cup Final).

Of course, with the Ducks being dominant in the standings the past two seasons, only to take first or second round exits in the playoffs, I don't have my hopes up much.

But it's exciting to at the very least have actually made it to the dance, unlike some other embarrassing California teams.