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Ducks Gameday: Stace, Sharks Jinx

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Or: Jer, Best Managing Editor Ever!

If you're looking for someone to blame for the Sharks' disastrous season and lack of a playoff run, look no further than our very own Sharks blogger, Stace.

Since Battle of California was first formed in 2006, we have gone though many Sharks bloggers (some bigger piles of human shit than others), but in this 9 year period and regardless of who was writing, not once had San Jose missed the playoffs.

Enter Stace.

Not only did they miss the playoffs, but they didn't even stand a chance at getting in, all season long. And now that I think about it, I don't recall exactly when it was that former Sharks blogger (and former managing editor) Megalodon announced his BoC retirement in private to Dunn and I (prior to making it public to you peons) but I'm pretty sure it was while the Sharks were still up in last years Kings/Sharks playoff series. Around this time, we collectively agreed on Stace as his possible replacement... and then San Jose collapsed.

Sharks fans, boo this woman...

Alternately, if you're like me and happy that the Sharks are out, as well like a majority of the hockey world happy to see the Kings take an unceremonious exit from playoff contention, you likely don't see Stace as a jinx. In this case...

You're welcome, dear reader, as thanks to me, the Ducks are the only California team in the playoffs. In the history of the Battle of California blog, not once has only one team made the playoffs. That is, not until my first year as Managing Editor.

All glory to Jer!

Anyway, the other two idiots are discussing their summer plans in their gameday posts this morning. You could read them if you want, but who cares?

As for me? My team is still in the playoffs. I don't need any plans other than watch my team play in the post season.

Go Ducks.

Final (Regular Season) Gameday

Ducks (50 - 31) @ Coyotes (24 - 57)

Saturday, Apr 11, 2015, 6:00 PM PDT

Gila River Arena


Who cares? The regular season doesn't matter.