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Kings Gameday: Reinforcements

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The Kings need some late season help

Harry How/Getty Images

The Kings are in some deep shit for lack of a better term. They are outside of the playoff picture again, there's only a handful of games left, and they aren't getting help on the injury front. Tanner Pearson isn't likely coming back for the regular season. Andrej Sekera messed up his leg and is probably out for the foreseeable future. Robyn Regehr still isn't hurt, which is the only way he will get out of the lineup at this point. Even Slava Voynov got hurt with a torn Achilles somehow. I personally blame Jon Rosen for all of this, since I keep learning about these injuries from him. Thanks Jon.

To go along with all of this, the Kings have been averaging less than two goals a game in their last nine. Well, that's just perfect for when you're fighting to get ahead of schlubs like Calgary and Winnipeg. Putting it bluntly, the Kings need help. In any shape really, and every little boost is huge. Thankfully, the Kings got a huge boost going into tonight's game. A force they have leaned upon for years now, and is a proven asset for the team.

The Oilers!

Good ol' Edmonton. The Kings need to find their offensive mojo again, and the Oilers are great at making the most impotent offensives seem like raging powerhouses that could last well over four hours. The infamous blue team is just that relied upon to getting offensives excited and their blood rushing. The Kings will be really looking to drive the play repeatedly tonight, leaving their fans thoroughly spent and satisfied. Hopefully everyone has cigarettes on hand for afterwards.

Wait. Did you think I meant Jarret Stoll? He's recovered from his concussion? Great, I have almost recovered from mine. Maybe the Kings will put me on the active roster then since they're apparently letting anybody recovering from a head injury join the lineup. What does adding him do? The Kings got enough bottom six centers with Mike Richards back in L.A.

preview 10/14

So the Oilers will probably shutout the Kings.

Prediction: I already gave you it.