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Ducks Playoff Gameday: Jets Fans' Calm, Well-Reasoned Response to Battle of California

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Winnipeg Jets fans did not appreciate my Teemu Selanne post, and they replied with many level-headed, well-thought out counterpoints. Round 1, Game 4.

Good god.
Good god.
Marianne Helm/Getty Images

You likely read my much-acclaimed Teemu Selanne gameday post from Monday, but if you haven't now might be the right time to catchup.

Go ahead, I'll wait.

Welcome back. Now, despite the praise and accolades that the above well-written, fact-based investigative journalism received, some Winnipeg Jets fans took issue with it. Now look, I'm a reasonable man, so I like to give equal-time to differing opinions. I'm not not one to close my ears to opposing viewpoints.

So in interest of fairness, here are some of the responses that my post received from the best and brightest among the Jets' fanbase...

You don’t have to write shit. Mind you, you already do…

LIttle Jer: (poutpout) He can’t be your friend because he’s my friend! He likes me, so he can’t like you! (poutwhine) They’re just his stupid old city, he likes us better. He never even liked you at all. When he talks nice about you, he’s just making it up. He only loves us. 
Grown Up: Now, now, Little Jer, you do know that people can like two things at once without diminishing either one, right? 
Little Jer: No! It’s not fair! Teemu’s mine! Winnipeg can’t share him! They suck. My back yard is better than their back yard.
Grown Up: Little Jer, maybe you’ll understand a bit better when you’ve grown up. Now run along to one of your sold out Ducks games…oh, sorry. A sold out game is when all of the tickets are sold for a game, and there are no empty seats left…like in Winnipeg. Maybe you’ll find out what that’s like some day. We can all dream.

Well, okay folks! You've certainly convinced me that you are a fanbase full of rational, secure people! Thanks for changing everyone's mind about you here at Battle of California.

Playoff Gameday

Ducks @ Jets
Ducks lead series 3-0

Wednesday, Apr 22, 2015, 6:30 PM PDT

MTS Centre


We drop a pity loss to Winnipeg.