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Kings Gameday: Ultimate Warrior

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...between goaltenders

That ref looks so exasperated with this crap
That ref looks so exasperated with this crap
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Jonathan Quick likes to mix things up. Some say it's passion, others call it belligerence. In any case, Jonathan Quick has accumulated a bit of a reputation as an asshole goalie. It doesn't take much to trigger the guy. Bump into him? Leg take-down. Whack at the puck while he covers it? Glove to the face. Say something that has nothing to do with Quick whatsoever? He'll pull a gun on you.

However, there's a certain former goalie that was a notorious member of Fight Club. Patrick Roy, of course! While Quick is a lot of bark, and loves to throw punches behind the play and after the whistle, Roy actually has a few fights under his belt. He even tried to get a fight in as a coach last season. Roy has certainly toned it down this year though, and his team has suffered for it. That has to be the reason, right?

Now I have not seen a goalie fight take place in a long time. Quick has come incredibly close to having a fight in his career lately. He and Corey Crawford had a standoff in the playoffs last year, and a few games back Eddie Lack skated out to center but thought better of it when he saw Quick tear Henrik Sedin's jugular out with his teeth. So what about a goalie/coach fight? You have the infamous hot head goalie of the 90s versus the hot head goalie of our current era. Who would win? Here's the tale of the tape:


Height: 6'1

Weight: 220 (at least 20 pounds beer in gut currently)

Official fights: 0

Penalty minutes: 48 (including 18 this season, a career high, good for first in the league)



Height: 6'2

Weight: 190 (according to, though it was likely when he was playing, so let's say 220 now)

Official fights: 3 (according to, but that seems low)

Penalty minutes: 316


Roy has actually thrown down. A lot. Quick seems like he was wanted to fight, and has gone after players before, but right now is waaaaaay behind Roy is terms of experience in fights and just general penalty accumulation. Quick though is crazy enough to try and hide a switchblade in his pads, which isn't exactly fair, but would be nonetheless entertaining to see play out. Roy is also up there in age now, and prefers fighting panes of glass instead.



But who knows!


Even with Roy being 20 years older than Quick, he still has the edge. 3:2 for Roy. 1:4 for Roy if Quick pulls a weapon.


Not a lot it's Saturday leave me alone.

avs preview

I don't expect the Kings to score eight goals this game.

Prediction: No goalie fights. No coach fights. Kings lose 1-0. I fall asleep during the game.