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Kings Gameday: End of Days

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Dawn of the Third Day

Hall has met with a terrible fate
Hall has met with a terrible fate
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One of my favorite video game series, and really any sort of series, is The Legend of Zelda. I played A Link to the Past at a friend's house when I was a kid, stumbled onto Link's Awakening by accident, and became forever hooked when I played Ocarina of Time at Target at one of those demo centers they used to have where I played the game for about a solid two hours. There have been a few in the series I haven't played since I don't own a 3DS or whatever they are called, though I am a total mooch and will probably sucker a friend of mine into letting me borrow it. And then there is Majora's Mask. This came out pretty shortly after Ocarina of Time and yet I never bought it. I played it a bit however when it was released (again mooching off of a friend in my neighborhood), and a few times later on in college during the winter months when I was trapped in doors (yet again mooching off of someone else).

I never beat the game. I never got to the first dungeon. I did the same opening sequence several times and that was as far as I got. This is rather funny given that the whole gimmick in the game is that the world is ending and you have three days (not literally) to stop it. You routinely run out of time, but of course you can turn back the clock back to the first day, though you have to start over again as close to everything resets. And every time I played the game I start over, then for whatever reason I stop, then pick up the game a few years later only to have to start over again. Hence the sort of amusing similarities.

It also mirrors the Kings' season pretty well. The Kings have been caught in a continuous loop of their world/season ending prematurely and are trying to do whatever they can to prevent it. Every instance they appear completely doomed with time running out, they get a fortuitous break with someone else losing, and then they themselves get a match with the Edmonton Oilers to try and reverse their situation. It goes from a apocalyptic scenario, to "well, maybe they can fix things for good this time". Except the same shit plays out over and over again for the Kings.

They stay tied with their opponents in the playoff race, fuck up, things look absolutely grim, and then they win so that they can repeat this process.

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Except right now they are running out of times to repeat this. They got three games left, and the moon is on its way to crash into their season, destroying everything. Their game against the Oilers tonight is one last chance to use the Song of Time to get back level with everyone else, and try one more time to make a push for the playoffs and not fuck up. So maybe it's not as dramatic as the moon crashing into the planet, though it is sort of funny to imagine the moon is Robyn Regehr's head instead.

a terrible fate

Prediction: This post guarantees I never get laid again.