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Kings Gameday: Refreshers course

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Maybe it's time to recharge

well fuck
well fuck
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Things are bad for the Kings right now. They are hanging onto this season by a thread and need a help to make the playoffs. They've had trouble scoring. They are running out of time. And it's not that bad. The Kings have won two Stanley Cups in three years, and had a trip to the conference finals. I've only been blogging, half-assedly, about them for two years and last season was exhausting. I can only imagine those players are possibly as tired as me. And both of our performances have lagged this year. The Kings can't hold leads, I am too lazy to do MS Paint projects regularly. The Kings can't score, I talk about line combinations.

A summer off for it's entirety could be pretty great actually. The Kings had most of 2011 off and ran over everyone in 2012. In 2013 they were tired from 2012's run. Then they had only the late part of 2013 off and struggled in 2014. And 2014 was a slog. 108 games. 108! That's a lot of hockey. To blog about especially. The Kings are tired. At least that's what I'm saying to make myself feel better.

So maybe (most likely) the Kings sit out for 2015. They come back well rested, extra motivated, and with excess weight shed (Stoll, Regehr). Maybe I come back and have some decent ideas again for posts, proofread my writing, and I'm not as lazy. Probably not gonna happen, but it's nice to dream. But I'm okay with it all. I don't sit inside obsessively watching hockey through June. I don't rip out chunks of my beard from anxiety. I don't destroy my liver from drinking. It's a brave, new world season similar to 2006. I can get out there and live life!

flames preview

Man fuck that this sucks. The Oilers? Fuckin' ay. Really? God damn.

Prediction: Hey look the Dodgers are on.