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Here's Something Cool A Reader Drew...

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Why can't you all be this creative?

We still have some time to go before we get to see our beloved playoff hockey return, so let's fill the gap with some other cool stuff while we wait.

Battle of California reader jmh3k (or @mikehiggins3000 on twitter) is much cooler than you. Instead of just reading Battle of California without giving anything back like some sort of leech, he drew and sent us some Earl Sleek inspired fan art, which is more than you have every done for us, you jerk.

That's pretty amazing. You can (and should) go see some more of his cool artwork over on his Deviant Art page here.

With Earl Sleek long since retired from drawing comics for us, I wonder if we can convince this Mike guy to draw comics for us all day for free and for very little recognition and no real reward or feeling of satisfaction? Fingers crossed, everyone... Fingers crossed.