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Ducks Playoffs, Round 3, Game 1: What We Know About the Chicago Blackhawks

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Back for round three, the Western Conference Finals. Let's recap what we already know about the enemy...

After what seems like 3 months off from Ducks playoff hockey, we're back for the Western Conference FInals. This time we're not stuck with another relocated Atlanta franchise, and instead take on the Chicago Blackhawks, a team which, unlike our previous two opponents, actually knows how to play hockey. This won't be an easy one.

Let's take a look at the BoC archives and see what we here have learned about the Hawks over the years (click the links for more info)...

... And that's about it.I guess we don't write very interesting things about the Blackhawks around here. Dang. Here's a drawing from Spade instead...

What's going on with those feet?

Regular Season Series Recap

The teams only played three times this season, and Chicago clearly had the edge. Of course, they haven't played Anaheim since the trade deadline, when the Ducks' possession game really started to improve. That being said, Chicago's posessesion game has been solid all season long.

  • Oct 28 2014 - Ducks @ Blackhawks (Anaheim 1-0)  - Gameday Post
  • Nov 28 2014 - Blackhawks @ Ducks (Chicago 4-1) - Gameday Post
  • Jan 30 2015 - Blackhawks @ Ducks (Chicago 4-1)  - Gameday Post

Playoff Gameday

Blackhawks @ Ducks

Sunday, May 17, 2015, 12:00 PM PDT

Honda Center


I don't feel so good about this series, folks *breaks down sobbing*