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Ducks Playoffs, Round 2, Game 4: lol that's not conclusive

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And it doesn't even matter now anyway, please stop complaining.

Look, the Flames won that last game, so this is a complete non-issue for their fans, yet we're still seeing them cry about a waved-off goal because of course the league hates Canada or whatever so it must be a conspiracy.

Here's the angle that "proves" the puck was in:

As you can see, clearly the puck is over the line and a therefore this is a good goal... unless of course you use common sense and understand angles. While everyone insists that this is what happened:

It doesn't take a genius to realize that perspective is a bit skewed here because the puck is in the air (as you can see based on its positioning relative to Frederik Andersen's pad). So smart people can admit that it is at least possible that THIS is what you're actually seeing here:

A puck up in the air, but not in. The white of the ice you see is UNDER the puck, not to the right of it.

Not only is it possible, but since every other angle was unable to to provide supporting evidence that it was in, it is probable. At least probable enough to make this an obviously inconclusive view.

I understand why it's upsetting to stupid people, but it's the right call.

This was explained a bit by Hockey Ops, but why would you listen to them? They're part of the conspiracy.

But the best part is that we're still seeing the tears about this call after the Flames won the game. It was likely the call itself that gave the Flames the energy to pull out the win, energy they largely lacked throughtout the game prior to the call.

Or the Toronto War Room just hates Calgary, whatever you want to believe.

Playoff Gameday

Ducks @ Flames
Ducks lead series 2-1

Friday, May 8, 2015, 6:30 PM PDT

Scotiabank Saddledome


There is something else to cry about during this game.