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The Kings can't stop winning

Ain't never gonna break my stride
Ain't never gonna break my stride
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Oh hey look the Stanley Cup Finals are on. That's cute. Chicago is trying for that again. Been there, done that. The Kings organization is sick of that old thing and have been looking for a new rush. However, this has gotten some players into trouble and they know who they are. Fortunately, the younger Kings found a perfect alternative that is perfectly legal; winning minor league championships! However, Adrian Kempe is only 18, and, well...

Kempe kickin back

Now some of you may be sitting around thinking, "But that's not as impressive," as you stuff potatoes up your butt. Understandably, you're jealous. I mean a Stanley Cup and then a Calder Cup? The Kings are collecting a variety of trophies nowadays, not just the same one over and over again. Some teams are trying to chase down their first or second Stanley Cup, but the Kings realized that's not what is important anymore. It's winning up and down the ranks that is.

Unless you're going for the ECHL championship. That league is lame and pointless, and winning that is like shoving a blind guy into a sewage ditch. But the AHL! They're integrating a plethora of California teams into the league and the Kings were all over that. What better way to go into the new format than as an ass kicking extraordinaire team. The Manchester Monarchs go out as AHL champions and no one will be able to knock them off that throne since technically speaking they are taking their trophy and disappearing for good. I don't typically throw the term "dynasty" around but a real case could be made for the Kings franchise.

Most impressive, they did it without their veteran leader.


Sick stache there, Jeff.

The Kings' organization was so hellbent on putting together the best AHL roster they could in Manchester for the playoff push, they even sacrificed their own playoff aspirations in Los Angeles. Missing the playoffs in L.A. meant Nick Shore could play for the Calder Cup. There would be no AHL recalls in case of a postseason injury. Mike Richards went back to weighing the Kings down and not the Monarchs. This was all carefully planned, obviously.

And it worked! The Kings organization got themselves a Calder Cup Championship for the Monarchs and look poised to win another AHL championship with the Ontario Reign (which also clears them from having to get involved with a gross ECHL championship). Imagine a full year of Kempe and maybe Zykov! Hell, Dustin Brown will probably be making an appearance for them once the Kings realize they are overpaying him too. It's an exciting time to be a fan of the Kings' organization.

So for the third time in four years, and for the second year in a row

Eat my shit*

*AHL variety


I guess. It's pretty cool. Whatever. Dodgers are having a pretty good season so far.