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Burritos: Special Post-Season Edition!

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The best reader comments of the post-season, 4/12/2015-6/15/2015.

This is a special post-season edition of a feature that we normally run weekly during the regular season that awards the "El Burrito de la Victoria" trophy to the comments with the most amount of reader "recommendations" from the prior week. For this special edition, we are looking at two months worth of comments as opposed to one week. All recommendations were tallied the morning this feature was posted. With any luck, this will encourage you to not only comment more often, but to be funnier.

The NHL post-season has been over a little over a week now, but let's keep talking about it anyway. But not the games or anything, because hockey is boring. Instead, let's talk about all of the great work the Battle of California readers did in our comment sections during the two months of the playoffs.


Comments of the Week Post-Season
4/12/2015 - 6/15/2015

The Best

Winnipeg fans got pretty upset about this thing I wrote about their shithole city, and they were so sad that you could almost started to feel sorry for them...

Almost feel bad and it seems like you are just rubbing salt into their wounds. Of course its April in Winnipeg so they probably need that salt for their roads.

Honorable Mentions

Stace points out that bragging about being financially irresponsible is dumb...

The two tix cost $680, and all of the very few available seats for both games sold out in 5 minutes. Not for lack of trying on my part…I almost burned out my mouse refreshing my request on Ticketmaster for Monday tickets. My husband was on the app getting the Wednesday tickets. Every game is a sell out here, and has been since Game 1 of Jets 2.0.

…that’s face value, btw. On StubHub they’re a LOT more pricey.

I discovered I was a racist against Winnipeggers...


Wow, what a racist writer.

Dan hits us with some throwback humor, referencing a certain post that that the Wild didn't like...

I haven’t been this upset since Mikko Koivu retired.

The Worst

There were a lot of bad comments, and it's too long of a timeframe for me to go back and read all of them. Especially from the dummies from Winnipeg who didn't like some things I said about Selanne. So here's a more recent bad comment that I can still remember without having to do any more work to find it...

Here's a dummy who registered just to prove he's not too familiar with humor by replying to a comment I made mocking Yahoo readers on Stace's Ducks Eulogy anoouncement: