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Wallow In Garbage With Us

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To do our jobs for us.

who cares

It's no secret that none of us have been doing much of anything to keep this site alive during the offseason. Well, it actually might be a secret since nobody cares.


We did this fun thing over the All-Star Break where we featured any FanPosts that were written, on our front page. It actually went surprisingly well, as all of you are so handsome and talented, that we thought it was a good idea if we did this again! The fact that I'm extremely busy, Jared is vacationing, and Ryan is in jail, has nothing to do with this.

Maybe it does a little.

FanPosts are notoriously ignored by most SBN sites but we like them because most of our commenters are actually intelligent and creative. So if you write a FanPost this summer we will feature it on the front page. Depending upon how many come in, we may feature it for a day, or the entire summer (maybe season if we decide to let you guys Lord of the Flies the site).

Now with great power, comes great responsibility. You can basically write whatever you want, the world is your oyster. Just, uh, please don't make us ban you. Why would we do that? Well if you write a post with slurs, with nudity and/or is just completely obscene, you're gone. We will delete the post, delete you from our site and our lives. It's that simple. We like most of you so don't be terrible. Curse as much as you want. Be mean. Be sexy. Be whoever you want to be. Just note that although our standards are low, we don't tolerate gross assholes.

If one of us decides to actually ever write again, our posts will get featured over FanPosts, because we are very gifted and we can't rob the world of our talent.

I'm sure you're asking at this does one make a FanPost?

  • Go to our FanPost section
  • Go To The Left, To The Left, and click "New FanPost"
  • Type whatever nonsense you have cooking in that beautiful brain of yours and hit publish.
And congratulations, you are now a published writer. You can put Battle of California on your resume. You can use us as job references. I just wouldn't advise it.

You can't put header images so we will add them to make the site look less ugly. It's up to us what the image is. Tough cookies.

We will try and check the site as often as possible for new posts, but no promises, we do have lives, surprisingly. You can always alert us that you wrote a post via twitter if you feel like we missed it.

Happy writing, all!