The struggles of Ricky Ledée

Ricardo Alberto Ledée, better known as a baseball player for seven teams across his ten seasons, is one of Twitter's greatest treasures. He is also a big hockey fan:

Sadly for Ricky, his wife Theresa also likes to watch television:

Theresa interrupts his baseball watching, too:

Sometimes Ricky is able to watch the NHL draft, but only on tape delay:

And this year, he had to go in the basement to do so:

Theresa even cancelled their subscription to NHL Network in favor of some hummus at Whole Foods:

Ricky and Theresa seem to have a few conflicts:

But they work through it:

Back to hockey, Ricky is a Flyers fan:

And like all Flyers fans, he likes to make fun of the Penguins:

To tie him in to Battle of California, Ricky rooted for the Kings against the Rangers in the 2014 Stanley Cup Final:

Ricky correctly predicted the Oilers' fate this past season:

Please follow @ricky_ledee, the best account on Twitter. We here at Battle of California look forward to his great hockey tweets in the upcoming season.

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