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Circle of Jerks: Jer on Stace

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A hands-on approach to getting to know us.

Rememeber these things?

I'm going to ask Stace some questions. She's going to ask Dunn some questions. He's going to ask me some questions. We all walk away feeling a little ashamed. Let's jump in to it...

JER: What's feels better, acquiring a goaltender you feel might solve some issues in net, or making Lombardi pissy by doing so?

STACE: Actually, acquiring a goaltender. The offseason so far has gone extremely well and I actually am beginning to feel hopeful again. Which means the eventual fall will be more painful than ever. Lombardi has been crying for months now about his crime riddled family but seeing him cry over San Jose is something special. Here's to hoping they make him cry during the actual season.

Oh, poor misguided Stace. Hope is exactly what keeps getting you Sharks fans in trouble, season after season.
JER: Do the Sharks name a captain this season? If so, who?

STACE: Yes. Pavelski. They've been saying this for like 5 months now but are too lazy to formally announce. Apparently they are announcing before the beginning of the season. As long as Logan doesn't get the C or an A, I'm good.

Not giving Burns the C is a big mistake imo

JER: This past season was the first time the Sharks have missed the playoffs in a very long time. It was also your first season blogging for BoC. How does it feel being the jinx who is solely responsible for the beginning of the end of the Sharks?

STACE: I thought that but now Doug Wilson has come to his senses (besides that Jones contract) and it looks like everything is coming up Stacehouse! Then again I am answering this an hour before the free agency day so....we will see how this answer holds up.......

Oh my, it's going to be fun watching you implode again.

Thanks, Stace!