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Circle of Jerks: Dunn on Jer

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The natural way of things, jerking without gross females around

A firm grip is vital when conducting these sort of interviews
A firm grip is vital when conducting these sort of interviews

There is nothing more that you readers hate than the Circle of Jerks features we do. Since we here at BoC were bored, this made the most sense to do, even though there's probably no one reading these anyways. This time around, Jer is getting tugged for answers. Open wide for his climactic responses.

1. Soooo...Kevin Bieksa. What do you think Francois Beauchemin was asking for? The Ducks didn't seem to have an issue extending Bieksa.

This question was asked before we saw what Beauch got in Colorado, but that's probably pretty close to what he wanted from Anaheim, which is oddly not too far off from what we gave Bieksa.

They're both about the same age and both have significantly declined in performance, so we didn't really lose or gain anything here.

Now if only we could dump out Stoner...

Yes, but Bieksa does give the Ducks the douche edge clearly back after the Kings made a valiant effort to catch up.

2. The Ducks now have three goalies with Andersen, Gibson, and now Khudobin. Is there a lack of confidence with Andersen repeating the year he had, or with Gibson sticking in the NHL? Or are the Ducks simply trying to have every goalie in the league play for them at some point?

Gibson needs more AHL time. This gives him that. Andersen probably needs more AHL time too, but we're out of options now. All other NHL goalies have exhausted their term limits in Anaheim.

I'm starting to get the feeling Gibson is never leaving the AHL. Anyways...

3. The Ducks have a decent amount of cap space left. We've seen them make great signings like Dany Heatley. Which superstar should they pursue now?

We cleared up all this cap space so we could make a big splash in a free agent pool that doesn't have any water.

Nothing interesting is available, so we'll probably do something dumb like give Stoner a raise just for giggles.

Good thing the Ducks were able to let Beleskey and Palmieri get away so they got all that space to extend Stoner. Truly a franchise player to build around.