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Circle of Jerks: Stace on Dunn

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Better wash your hands

Yep. Still gross
Yep. Still gross

It's every girls' worst nightmare, being forced to interact with Dunn. Here are his unfortunate answers to this round of jerkin'.

1. Describe Martin Jones' ideal first date

Martin Jones is a simple man with simple tastes. I assume he is very old school and goes with the dinner and a movie approach. The female (or male, who knows?) has never heard of Jonathan Quick or Jonathan Bernier. They have heard of Ben Scrivens however, and Martin and his date share a good laugh about him. Martin plays his cards right, quite literally, because he is into Yu-Gi-Oh, and they make a pit stop at a game shop and grab a few booster packs. They discuss their cards, as they stare into each other eyes. Martin then takes his date home to show off his vast array of nocturnal birds.

2. Milan Lucic was recently acquired by the Kings. In your opinion, is this the dirtiest signing that the Kings have ever had? If not, who?

Lucic is without a doubt the biggest goon the Kings have picked up. Nolan, Andreoff, and Clifford all came through the Kings' system at least, so we haven't known any different with them really. Getting Lucic is up there with the Sharks acquiring Raffi Torres, except Lucic has contributed a few goals now and then.

Though for the literal dirtiest player, that has to be Dustin Penner. I don't think that guy ever showered, and he smelled like sardines.

3. Who on the Kings is getting arrested next and what for?

The FBI has been building a case on Dean Lombardi for years now, thanks to a mole on the inside (it was Matt Greene all along) and I think in a few years they may have enough on him. So far I suspect the charges include racketeering, extortion, bribery, blackmail, money laundering, murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to kill an elected official, and driving on a suspended license. I expect the NHL will fine the Kings $5,000 and that will be that.