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It's been real

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My days of being complicit are coming to an end

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

It is with a mild amount of sincere regret that I inform you that my days at Battle of California are coming to an end, effective, well um, at the end of this post.

My year at this website has been super fun and I really grew to tolerate some of you, but I'm very busy and very tired. I'm unable to commit the amount of time that it takes to write here, and although it kinda stinks, trust me, it's a good thing.

I could easily lie and say that I got hired by the NHL because let's be frank, way too many of you actually believed that Bettman didn't give me credentials because of poop jokes.

Side note: shout out to those who rejoiced over a fake story and openly wrote about loving Bettman lol

The truth is that I can't imagine blogging about a John Scott-less Sharks team.

A side truth is that I did get a job offer, but it has nothing to do with hockey. Although I love hockey, I love being a people helper first. I'll be working exclusively to ensure the protection and permanency of children by working closely with the child and his or her family, utilizing a plan to minimize any risks that present themselves. The first objective for my job is to protect the best interest of the child and the second objective is the strengthen or reunite the family.

I have a lot in store for me, most likely a ton of heartache, but this is what I've wanted to do forever, I know exactly what I'm getting myself into and I'm incredibly excited.

Outside of this opportunity, I really just need more time to do things that I enjoy, like sleep. I love sleeping. I also really like cooking and baking. I like going outside.

Being a full time hockey person was never in the cards--it was just a fun thing that I did to help me get through a very hectic and inconsistent period of my life. The more that things improve, the need to escape through writing seems to diminish. I'm always going to love the sport; I'll, of course, guest write from time to time and dabble on my old site that I wrote on before here, but my days of writing every other day at 4am are over. Consider me semi-retired.

I'd first off like to thank Meg for asking me as his replacement. I knew going into the gig that I would have huge shoes to fill because he is pretty great at writing, and I didn't even fill half of one, but I tried (sometimes).

Secondly, I'd like to thank Ryan, my large adult son, for finally helping me fold his laundry. I would also like to thank him for allowing me to enable him. I guess lastly, I would like to thank him for being a v good friend. Please tell your biological mom thank you for following me on twitter.

Thirdly, I'd like to thank Jarebear, Mr. Manajer, for pissing me the fuck off the majority of the past year. You know how to get under my skin and not many have that gift. Thanks for editing my posts and doing that autotag thing that I always forgot to do. I like your giant baby and your regular sized wife. You're also a v good friend.

Lastly, I'd like to thank you, faithful BoC reader, for reading* my posts, sharing them, and commenting. Outside of a few randoms who would make sbn accounts just to yell at us, the comment sections on gamedays are the best because most of you are hilarious.

My replacement is to be announced on Monday, but until then, Spade has my key to the blog. I'll miss some of you. Bye.

*looking at pictures, kings fans