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Ducks Gameday: Missing Kesler

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It's a new year, and you're too hungover to read any of this. Ducks @ Canucks.

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Look, you don't want to read anything today, and I don't really want to write anything. So I'm just going to quote this tumblr post by a Canucks fan, who was really upset about that Kesler trade, and we can all enjoy the salt together.


  1. Fuck Ryan Kesler
  2. Fuck Ducks fans who think he wasn’t being treated well enough in Vancouver
  3. Fuck the fact that the entire fucking league knew where he did and didn’t want to go and as a result the Canucks had to take what they could get
  4. Fuck anyone who thought he wasn’t getting treated well in Vancouver, really; there are few players who have gotten better-treated in recent years by ANY team’s fans than Ryan Kesler was by Canucks fans
  5. Fuck the fact that he decided to shop around to guys at the Olympics, when the Canucks still had a fighting chance of making the playoffs, and kept doing it on the low until the trade deadline
  6. Fuck the fact that he was so awful in the Canucks locker room that even a veteran Canuck agreed he’d become a negative force
  7. Fuck the fact that, looking closely at the quote and its subtext, that it’s pretty much certainly KEVIN BIEKSA who was driven to say that
  8. Fuck the fact that Kesler was such a terrible teammate that he somehow embittered one of the most loyal players in the entire NHL
  9. Fuck the fact that he didn’t even pretend to care about the team that took him within a game of the Stanley Cup
  10. Fuck the fact that this motherfucker thinks the Ducks are gonna win the cup this year, out of everyone
  11. Fuck the Ducks, like every California team
  12. Fuck Ryan Kesler.

Original: here

Whatever superloyal Bieksa supposedly said about Kesler must be pretty interesting these days, now that they're reunited.


Anaheim Ducks @ Vancouver Canucks

Friday, Jan 1, 2016, 10:00 PM EST

Rogers Arena - Vancouver, BC


Ducks are shutout 0-1.

Inspirational Music

To take up space in my gameday posts this season, so that I don't have to write so much, you'll be getting a glimpse of my playlist while I write this garbage.

Let's take our minds off hockey for a bit and listen to one of the 90s' best artists...

Today I'm listening to: Strung Out - "Mind of my Own"