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Kings Gameday: David Bowie

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Yeah I don't care about hockey right now

Peter Kramer/Getty Images

I don't really get broken up about deaths, celebrity deaths especially. I never knew them, and there is a good chance they were a jerk anyways. David Bowie though...

This one hurts. Bowie was a musician, actor, and just one hell of a twisted guy back in the day. I had (obnoxiously) told pretty much anyone, whenever older music came up, that if I could go see one performer back in his prime it would be David Bowie. Every time. Seriously, I was really obnoxious about it.

Bowie sort of evolved into a persona that was larger than life, so maybe that has something to do with my Bowie Sadness (good track title right there too). He was "featured" on The Venture Brothers as a shape shifting ass kicker. They had a whole episode of Bowie spoofs on Flight of the Conchords. That french guy did like fifty Bowie covers in The Life Aquatic. The main point being Bowie, even when getting poked fun at, was an icon.

David Bowie even went out in the "nice" fashion. He had just turned 69 after all. This was also a guy who described how he met his wife as they were both banging the same guy. His only real flaw was that Vanilla Ice stole his (and Queen's) bass line from "Under Pressure".

His greatest accomplishment in my opinion that he ever had however was probably "Let's Dance". That is the only song I ever danced to while not entirely shitfaced. Anyone that has ever known me, even remotely, should be well aware that this is a hell of a feat. Maybe this should be listed as a flaw too. Unleashing Vanilla Ice and my crappy footwork probably amounts to a war crime.

So go watch Labyrinth, or listen to "Heroes" or "Space Oddity" or whatever you want to. I'll be complaining to my boss all day about suffering from Bowie Sadness. Just no one mention "Dancing in the Streets" please.

red wings preview

Oh yeah, hockey. Whoops.

Uh let's see...The Kings played pretty well against the Blues but couldn't shoot the puck to save their damn lives. Then there was the Brayden McNabb hit where Magnus Paajarvi went down from a shove by Lucic, and McNabb's ass caught him in the head. It was the second ass related injury this year to cost the Kings. McNabb was tossed, and given a five minute major. Maybe this game Justin Abdelkader has his head get wedged up in Dustin Brown's ass and Brown tries to shake him loose like a dog whipping a toy around in its mouth.

Prediction: That actually happens. Dustin Brown gets tossed, the Wings score twice, and the Kings lose 2-1.