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BoC can not be denied.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

After several long hours of meetings between Battle of California, the NHL, and the NHLPA that were initiated Monday night and lasted into Tuesday morning, the NHL announced that John Scott will in fact captain the Pacific Division in the upcoming All-Star Game.

Gary Bettman credited the tireless work of Battle of California in leading the charge in order to ensure that the voice of the fans was heard. Bettman admitted the miscalculation that the league made, and thanked Battle of California for clarifying the situation for the league.

The NHLPA just kind of hung out during the whole thing.

Thank you, Battle of California readers, for supporting us during these tough times, and ensuring our benevolent captain takes his rightful place on top of the Pacific Division throne. After our long campaign to let it be heard that fans would not watch an All-Star Game without Scott, you can go back to not watching it anyway even with Scott, because the All-Star Game is stupid and dumb.