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Kings Gameday: Direct

Let's try this again

Having a good time
Having a good time
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It is a new year and things are gonna be different around here. As some of you may recall,last  I wrote about how bad Mike Richards had gotten despite the fact he was good in Philadelphia. A lot of new readers really struggled with that one.

But that was 2015. Apparently, readers had a hard time figuring out what was serious and what was actually on Battle of California on a regular basis. So no more posts about Connor McDavid being useless. No more tongue in cheek blogging. No more making up outrageous stories that are clearly fictional just so I could have a laugh. It's 2016. It's time for a change.

I am going to be direct now. I am going to try and cut down on all that confusion new readers experienced because they were unaware sarcasm existed on the internet. So let's try this:

Mike Richards was never good. You tricked us Philadelphia. Or you were unaware you had a crappy player as your captain. Jeff Carter was good however. But you hated him because he was too pretty, or because he suggested playing defense at some point. He's great. You should have loved and cherished him, but thanks for not doing that. It convinced the Blue Jackets he was a bad player too.

Now your team is bad. They are not good. Your heroes of yesteryear are bad too. You as an individual likely are bad. Kings fans hopefully read this far, if able too, though are likely still confused. I still haven't forgiven you lot for your inability to understand a joke. Mike Richards was bad. He was an anchor in 2014. He should have been bought out, regardless if he had a drug problem. Those of you who didn't understand that last post, well, you should be barred from having children because we don't need more stupidity in this already idiotic world. Please castrate yourselves. That is not a joke. That is a request.

That's that. The end. You made this post happen everyone. Good work. Fuck all of you.

flyers preview

The Kings played pretty well on their trip through western Canada, which is something they had a lot of trouble with last season. Going 3-0, with a goal differential of +11 seems like they may have realized they should put forth some effort. Will that continue with an equally awful opponent with the Flyers? Probably not.

Prediction: People still get their panties in a bunch over this post. And the Kings lose 3-2.