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Ducks Gameday: This is How Irrelevant Minnesota is ...

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WI looked to see what team I get to complain about today and I see it's the Minnesota Wild. It's come to the point where I just don't care at all about this irrelevant team that I'm tired of talking about them. They are the most irrelevant team and we can go on and on about how this stupid state isn't the State of Hockey and doesn't deserve an outdoor game in which they will 100 percent be destroyed by the Blackhawks and embarrassed on national television, but this is not one of those posts.

I actually typed these words into google (ones which I'm sure have been typed by many the unfortunate soul to be born into the worst state in the Union, which is saying a lot since places like Florida exist.): "Why Minnesota Sucks." I did this in hopes that I'd get some inside view of why this state is total garbage. What I found is a list of 19 reasons why the state sucks. What you will notice is that the Minnesota Wild aren't even on the damn list. The entire state of Minnesota forgot that they even had a terrible hockey team.

You can see the list (and maybe have your credit card information stolen) on this creepy trash website.

Here's the list anyway:

1. The Gophers.

2. The Vikings.

3. Macy's, really, that's the best anchor store we can get? Come on. [LOL you're mad you have a Macy's]

4. The Weather.

5. No true Deli.

6. Very "clicky" people who have no time for you, unless you grew up with them. [sounds like a bunch of assholes to me]

7. Prince. We want to disclaim him.

8. High taxes [Your state sucks and you have to pay high taxes wow]

9. Al Franklin. We might as well have Daffy Duck be our governor.

10. Rusty pick up trucks and large vans being driven by women smoking cigarettes.

11. Fat people chowing at the state fair. [Big if true]

12. Bikers in those very queer outfits [Way to be homophobic and non-inclusive you dicks]

13. Blcok E. Clearly named after a cell block.

14. Knollwood. There's a happening mall.

15. The drivers. Entrance ramps are not for stopping and accelerating to 5 miles per hour.

16. Old Country Buffet. It ain't the Bellagio buffet people.

17. People think the fillet of fish or whaler sandwiches are good sea food.

18. Bull heads, croppies, sunfish and fried walleye dinners. Always fresh from those lakes people piss in.

19. Hat-head from wearing a hat 9/12ths of the year.


Anaheim Ducks vs. Minnesota Wild

Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016, 7:30 p.m PST

Honda Center – Anaheim, CA


The Wild spread some disease to important Ducks players. Corey Perry scores goals.

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