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Ducks Gameday: One streak from Disaster


Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the NHL's attempt at keeping Detroit in the playoffs the team is one bad streak from falling out of the third spot in the Atlantic Division. Not only did the NHL make up realignment to create an excuse to move the fading Detrpit franchise to the Eastern Conference, but they also placed them in the weakest division in the conference. Little did they know that now former head coach Mike Babcock would refuse to coach such an undeserving group of players for a fanbase composed of the privileged residence of a destitute city. And there was no way he would choose to coach Dylan Larkin over players like Tyler Bozak and Dion Phaneuf. Without a hall-of-fame quality coach the Red Wings are struggling to compete. Rookie Dylan Larkin has been the lone bright spot for this sad sack of a team.

That's why the Ducks brought Ryan Garbutt in to finish the job.

Known bruiser and war criminal as noted by Jer on Twitter, Garbutt is just the kind of Raffi Torres-like player that could put an end to the Red Wings' rookie. We all know that he wasn't brought in to make good hockey plays. Prepare yourself for the worst Detroit, because there's a big storm coming.


Anaheim Ducks at Detroit Red Wings

Saturday, Jan. 23, 2015, 4:00 p.m. PST

Joe Shmoe Arena – Detroit, MI


Well lets just say Ryan Garbutt is going to be a fan favorite after his Ducks debut and it's not going to be because he scored a hat trick. But if he does that's cool too.