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Kings Gameday: MVinnyP

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A hastily done post about Kings legend Vincent Lecavalier

A Darryl Sutter fist pump
A Darryl Sutter fist pump
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks back, the Kings did what many thought initially was a really, really stupid trade. Jordan Weal, who couldn't crack the lineup or get serious minutes, was shipped to Philadelphia with a third round draft pick for Luke Schenn, a guy who was a pylon and had his cap hit halved, and the old washed up Vincent Lecavalier. On the surface the trade was taking on a lot of salary for two players who were not performing. Then of course came the nifty little tidbit that Lecavalier said he would retire in Los Angeles at the end of the season. Because retiring in southern California is still miles ahead of collecting a paycheck in Philadelphia after all.

When that news dropped, the trade was seen more as a low risk move. Schenn could fill a spot on the right side, kill penalties, and hit people. Lecavalier could eat fourth line minutes. So far Schenn has not been nearly as bad as advertised. Nothing otherworldly, but a Matt Greene that was faster and knew how to complete a pass. He also came with a Jack Johnson head-fake, which has me having nightmares from back in the day. Lecavalier meanwhile...

The guy who more or less got ran out of Philly has been pretty useful so far. He has scored some timely goals, been a boon to the power play's second unit, and (most importantly) made Kevin Kurz look like a dick.

It's easy to get behind supporting Vinny. He's old. He was once a champion. He's fallen on hard times. He's trying to reprove himself in the league. Non-Kings fans want to see him not retire to fuck L.A. up in their cap situation. Everyone wants him to be successful now. Except maybe Flyers fans, who have yet to figure out what Jordan Weal is supposed to be doing, but fuck those guys.

So now the big questions:

Should Lecavalier be in the All-Star game? Absolutely, yes. The league decided to send three year NHL veteran rookie John Gibson after all, and he lets Trevor Lewis walk all over him. And Vinny is far more likable than the mouth breathing Taylor Hall who should be studying basic arithmetic, much less boating instructions. The Pacific Division team lacks a real center. It's the perfect addition there too. You don't need two guys from Calgary really. The Coyotes don't even have one.

Should Lecavalier win MVP? Obviously, he should. I already made this post's title about him winning that. He's basically a lock now. Do you really want Patrick Kane to win that award? Fuck no. Vinny is a candidate we can all believe in.

Should Lecavalier not retire? Sorry Vinny but please god retire.

avs preview

Prediction: Lecavalier scores on own goal on a delayed penalty and the Kings lose 1-0. Lucic sucker punches Vinny and the league doesn't know what to do.