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Ducks Gameday: It's Not Cold in Winnipeg

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These idiots again? Jets @ Ducks.

Everything we here at Battle of California have ever wanted to say about Winnipgeg and the Winnipeg Jets has pretty much already been said. So in trying to figure out what's been happening up North lately that I could talk about, I came across some Winnipeganianites upset at Apple because Siri dared to call their city cold.

We know from experience at BoC that the city is a town of adult babies who complain about any perceived indignity launched toward their fair city, but Christ does this drive the point home. Grownups yelling at a tiny computer because they don't want to believe their city is cold during the winter.

Here's the exchange...

Obviously Siri isn't from Winnipeg

submitted by someguyfromwinnipeg

majikmonkie 23 points

I'm surprised it doesn't compare current conditions to daily/seasonal averages to come up with that.

rioryan 10 points

Come on, that makes too much sense!

The argument that "it's always an unlivable tundra hellscape around here, c'mon!" doesn't seem too convincing.

iLive4Aiur 9 points

When she says "Brr" right at the start of telling me the temp I giggle.

DelaCruza 7 points

-4? Break out the shorts

paulloewen 5 points

When she tells me it's cold I just laugh. I agree, it should take averages into account.

kryptolith 6 points

Somebody told me that 0 Fahrenheit is "really fucking cold" and I just laughed in their face

arcoiris2 7 points

I agree,-4 is pretty nice for a Winnipeg winter. : )

redroverent 2 points

I tried to respond to her that it actually sounded nice. She wasn't having any of it...

Now, here's someone who finally has some sense...

the_happy_way 4 points

I call it 'The Butthole of Canada'


Winnipeg Jets @ Anaheim Ducks

Sunday, Jan 3, 2016, 9:00 PM EST

Honda Center - Anaheim, CA


Ducks lose 3-2, Jets have something to life for after being embarrassed right out of the playoffs last season. The whole town dies of Slurpee overdose.

Inspirational Music

To take up space in my gameday posts this season, so that I don't have to write so much, you'll be getting a glimpse of my playlist while I write this garbage.

Today I'm listening to: The Weakerthans- "One Great City"