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Sharks Gameday: The one you totally screwed up

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We run into Daniel Winnik and his board shorts. We fucked it up, and he knows we fucked it up. It's really awkward.


The air smelled like rain, though the pavement was dry. The evening sky looked like cement as the last bit of light from the west faded. A car horn was blaring a couple blocks away, but otherwise, the city was still. No real wind. Few people on the street. I turned the corner.

Then I stopped, and unwittingly moved my head back a few inches, like an exaggeration of surprise. It was Daniel.

Winnik greeting

Winnik missed the Sharks

Winnik no contract

Winnik sense

Winnik changes

Winnik best of luck

Winnik choad

Maple Leafs @ Sharks

7:30 PM Pacific

Prediction: How about another home loss? How about some people trying to find a silver lining to it? How about I never watch this fucking team again?