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Kings Gameday: A hastily written love letter

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PS I am be drinking

getting intimate
getting intimate
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Ok so the Kings suck but at the moment the Dodgers do not. This is likely because I am drinking. But I am only drinking because the Dodgers won. Kenly Jansen pitching 2 1/3rds? Clayton Kershaw closing? Julio Urias chucking scoreless frames? Shit is wild.

And Philadelphia helped! Chase Utley had the game winning hit in game four, and Carlos Ruiz had the go-ahead hit in game five. Add in Jayson Werth striking out a few times and his bone head awful base running and the Dodgers owe nearly everything to Philadelphia. At least the Phillies helped after they won. The Flyers just gave the Kings free shit and didn't do anything while the Kings were the tour de force of the NHL for a few years,

Really, if it wasn't for the Kings, Mike Richards may have been a total failure, and not a two time Cup winner. If not for the Kings, Jeff Carter was destined to be a flameout with the Columbus Blue Jackets. So how does Los Angeles repay Philadelphia? By making Chase Utley likable! He came back to LA and became a hero for murder (sorta like OJ) and even Carlos Ruiz helped LA? And for what? Stealing your heroes and making them ours. At low cost.

So what's Philadelphia been up to lately? Doing LA's homework for them, I hope. Sorta actually! They've been winning the NBA drafts and choosing the first shitty guy in front of them and giving better players to Los Angeles! Philadelphia really is the city of brotherly love. Giving us great stuff, while they don't care how insufferable and awful they get.

You're the best guys, don't change a thing.

Prediction: I have a hangover