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Is it Mid April Yet?

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We all know how this story goes.

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The Ducks earned their first point of the season by losing in overtime because they'll never understand how to play 3-on-3. This is October, and all the usual suspects find themselves in their typical standings position. Here's where each team is and where they'll be after the season is over.

1. Vancouver Canucks (4pts in 2 games)

The Canucks are in first in the Pacific? Well this won't last long. They earned their wins against Calgary (SO) and Carolina. It's only a matter of time before the Sedins break and the team collapses completely after a terrible trade that costs the Canucks a valued prospect.

After the season: 7th in the Pacific

2. Edmonton Oilers (4pts in 3 games)

Here come the Oilers. It's time to dust off your rear-view mirrors because you'll want to watch the beautiful mess that will be the Oilers' collapse this year. Maybe it will be because of poor leadership from a captain who's actually a child. Maybe it will be because this team will lose their final games of the season to just miss the playoffs and notice that Kris Russel wasn't going to save their defense. Or maybe Lucic will ingest too much bath salt and eat the faces of the young forwards left on this team (RIP Devils legend Taylor Hall).

After the season: 4th in the Pacific but miss playoffs because the Central is better.

3.San Jose Sharks (4pts in 3 games)

The Sharks gave up 7 goals to the New York Rangers. This is October, the month the Sharks are supposed to be the best.

After the season: 1st so they can lose in the first round to Minnesota or Dallas

4. Arizona Coyotes (2 points in 1 game)

This would probably the most under control team in the division if it weren't for the arena, owner, and goaltending. Mike Smith is still playing in the NHL guys.

After the season: 2nd because that's what they deserve.

5. Anaheim Ducks (1 point in 3 games)

The Ducks are bad. They still think it's preseason and Lindholm will never get signed. Somehow they'll make the playoffs but they'll still be bad.

After the season: 3rd but they deserve worse.

6. Calgary Flames (1 point in 3 games)

The Flames had hope. They tried. They still lose.

After the season: 6th because they are better than Vancouver.

7. Los Angeles Kings (0 points in 2 games)

The Kings will never be the same without captain Dustin Brown. Tyler Toffoli can't be the only goal scorer so they'll miss the playoffs.

After the season: 5th


Anaheim Ducks @ New Jersey Devils

A Rock

Tuesday, October, 18, 2016 4:00 p.m. PST


Kyle Palmieri scores a hat trick.

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