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Kings Gameday: Baby, I'm slanderous

One of these days, hey, maybe I actually get sued

wow now he thinks he's too good to wear a helmet. It's called safety.
wow now he thinks he's too good to wear a helmet. It's called safety.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

I am definitely in the minority in this, but I could not give less shits about P.K. Subban. I am aware he's a good defenseman. Yes, he seems like a fun guy. Obviously I would be thrilled if he joined the team I cheer for. But I don't give one fuck about him or hearing about him or being told that he's just so great.

Sort of like how Ian mentioned this a while back regarding the weird new obsession with Phil Kessel that everyone has. He's clearly a good player, but is sort of overrated to a degree just because people irrationally love/pity him because a fat dick in Toronto everyone hates wrote about Kessel eating a hotdog. I can enjoy a player like Subban or Kessel without you making an unasked for tweet-storm about it.

And sort of like Kessel, Subban got the same slightly overrated bump from folks because of the outrage over the Montreal Canadiens wanting an older, slower, but more defensively sound player. Long term, it's a dumb trade (Weber is four years older and on a awful contract even if he was Bobby Orr). Short term, it's also a dumb trade because the Canadiens aren't exactly good now either (yes I am aware they also have a 5-1 record but so do the Oilers and it's only been two weeks). The weird bashing of Kessel/Subban by a minority of writers turned the two of them into martyrs. Even though everyone else liked these guys and knew they were good, and even though the writers out there bashing them are routinely mocked for just about everything already.

Now you can't go an hour without hearing about how Subban is god's gift to hockey and please really just the hell up if you are going to start on that in the comments. He's pretty good. He's got some holes in his game still. He got traded. Big fucking deal. Let's laugh at Montreal, let them laugh about their hot start, and stop pretending that Subban or Kessel or Taylor Hall or Dougie Hamilton (that shit show is just starting) are saviors to mankind. We all know that role belongs to Alec Martinez anyways.

Frankly, he doesn't deserve the adulation. He's a offensive dynamo prone to turnovers, with some defensive lapses, and is far too friendly with Pierre Maguire. I'd be far more impressed if he punched him in the dick. There I said it.

Hopefully these guys can take a joke though. BoC can't afford another lawsuit from these whiny man-baby athletes. I bet P.K. can laugh at it all, though he'd probably just ignore a post like this all together if he ever saw it. But still, he still seems like a decent guy, and not a AHLer who jerks off and sends it out unsolicited on social media to girls who then cries to someone indirectly about reading it here like, say...Sonny Milano. I guess they all can't be P.K. Subban after all. Makes you think.

Prediction: I get threatened with a lawsuit again. Kings lose 2-0.