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Kings Gameday: Feeling Blue

Things have turned to shit in St. Louis. And their sports teams suck too.

A St. Louis "hello"
A St. Louis "hello"
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Things are bleaker than usual in Missouri. The hated Cubs are in the World Series while the Cardinals are not, and Jon Hamm has become a turncoat. The Rams have abandoned them. They still don't have a NBA team. Donald Trump is not super likely to become President. Black Lives Matter is gaining traction. Yes, things are more terrible for the citizens than just the meth addled rabid dogs roaming the streets in St. Louis.

But things are looking up! They got the Blues still! They never let them down!

...In October. But hey, it's something. At the very least they got hundreds of uncle-like guys populating the city. And I love having them around. For gems like this specifically.


I'm sure after I call Robby Fabbri an emo looking dropped hotdog his uncle will come on here and yell at me too.

Prediction: The uncles send me hate mail and Trump memes from Facebook.