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Kings Gameday: ChicagWoe

More like the Wimpy City l o l I am so funny

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

In case you haven't heard, the Cubs are in the World Series. And in case you didn't know, they haven't been there since World War II. So for Chicago it's a big deal to revert to the 1940s. It's terrible. Millions were dead in Europe, civil rights weren't a thing here, and we only had 6 hockey teams. One of which was the Chicago insensitive racist team. Of course they want this era back. They are terrible people.

Coincidentally, the Cubs are on the verge of defeat thanks to an even more racially offensive team. That's poetry. Or a sign that we don't care about Native Americans. Something like that. America!

It's the scariest thing to hit Chicago since Jim Belushi though. To get this far, and perhaps end a century plus drought only to piss it all away...Happy Halloween! It's an impressive costume, going as incomprehensible failure and crushing disappointment. But the whole team is committed, and there is no better venue to show off that costume than in front of thousands of desperate fans who paid thousands of dollars to witness a collapse.

Or the Cubs win and everyone in Chicago is happy for a day or two.

Prediction: Cubs lose 5-0.

Wait this is supposed to be a hockey blog? Shit. Uh the Kings can't score again. What is this? 2012? Put your shots on the fucking net, you idiots.

Also, I am sorry my post is late. I have a good excuse though! I am very hungover. Happy Halloween, assholes.