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"quit fucking with my election, bro"
"quit fucking with my election, bro"
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

I will not make some statement saying I know what oppression feels like. I am a white male, who is straight, and is Christian-ish. The closest I ever came to being "looked down on" was being one of the openly liberal kids at my rich private high school full of rich white hardcore Christian Republican kids, which in itself disqualifies me from ever complaining about anything like oppression ever.

But things sort of feel different now, and I can only imagine how someone who isn't white, a guy, straight, and Christian is feeling because indifference and animosity towards them just got elected. Which is funny, because nothing even really changed. There were always people who were okay with casual, less obvious racism/xenophobia/misogyny. It's just now there is a guy who won (sort of) with that as his one stance that was consistent from start to finish. What he does now is anyone's guess, and that's what is scaring a lot of people.

It's kind of hard to talk about hockey with that weird sort of feeling of unknowing and fear, but I guess we can all try and do that later this afternoon. And despite the joking here, Battle of California is down with everyone regardless of background. Just keep things civil here. Because yes we will make fun of you if you start spouting off conspiracy theories. Discussion is okay though. Except furries. You guys are weird.

Prediction: Did the Kings even win last game? They did? Cool. Win some more I guess.